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Welcome to the Doutta Galla Tennis Club

Doutta Galla Tennis Club, Affiliated with Tennis Australia.
Welcome to the Official Website of the Doutta Galla Tennis Club.

We are a Tennis Club in North Essendon, Melbourne, Australia. The club is an official affiliate of Tennis Victoria.

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Christmas Party Date Set

The Club’s Christmas Party has been scheduled for Saturday the 6th of December from 6:30pm at the Club House.

Details are to follow closer to the date.

Working Bee Completed

Thanks to all of the Members who came down to assist with the Club’s Working Bee two weekends ago.

The club is looking great: the Kitchen and inside the Club was cleaned thoroughly; the Garden was weeded and cleaned; the club’s surroundings cleaned and a great deal of sand was placed back on the courts.

The assistance of those that attended was greatly appreciated.

Working Bee this Sunday

Just a reminder that the Club’s Working Bee is to be held this Sunday the 19th of October from 12pm at the Club. Members that attend and assist are entitled to receive their Maintenance Levy back from the Club.

Any gardening tools that you can bring would be greatly appreciated as there is much to do.

Working Bee to be held on Sunday 19th October

The Club’s Working Bee is to be held on Sunday the 19th of October from 12pm at the Club. Members that attend and assist are entitled to receive their Maintenance Levy back from the Club.

Please bring along any gardening tools to help make our Club beautiful.

The assistance of Members is greatly appreciated as many hands make light work.

NSNTA – Entering Online Comments

The NSNTA have requested that the following message be sent to all NSNTA Teams regarding the use of the Comments field when entering match results online:

The Association has recently received a number of complaints from teams and players about inappropriate comments that have been included in online match results. Once alerted to these comments, the Competition Coordinators quickly delete them, however, the damage is often already done as they have been seen by other teams and players.  

 The comments box on the online results form is a space for teams to enter additional information relevant to the result, such as details of substitute players, lighting failure, washouts or walkovers. However, some teams have been using this box to add a commentary about the match. Whilst comments stating players had a good night, or it was a close match, are not a concern, other comments have the potential to cause offence to the opposing team.

 Examples of inappropriate comments included recently are complaints that the opposition did not stay for supper, complaints the team only had one court and it was a late night and comments about racquet throwing or balls being hit out of the court. Some comments have been even more inappropriate making specific comments about the actions or alleged poor behaviour of particular players.

 We request that you pass this letter on to all your Club’s NSNTA teams and remind them of the correct use of the comments box. If players have other issues that they wish to bring to the attention of the NSNTA, they should contact their Club Delegate, who can then forward the complaint on to the NSNTA Match and Permit Committee through the appropriate channels.

The Doutta Galla Committee agrees with the statement provided by the NSNTA. Any Members with any Issues to take up with the NSNTA please contact the Doutta Galla Committee via Email or by the Contact Details listed on

Pennant Finals Update

The Club’s Pennant Team won their Final last Sunday defeating Eaglemont. The Team, consisting of Warren Peters, Kalvinder Gill, Aaron Sharpe, Ben White, Kieran Benton, Tim Benton and Trevor Peters, won all Rubbers on the day.

The Team now advance to the Group stage, where all of the Section Finalists in the same Grade play each other.

This week the Team plays Heathmont in a knock out Final at Home this Saturday the 16th of August at 12:30pm. The Committee wishes the team luck for the match.

Doutta Galla Jumpers now Available

The Committee has organised some Doutta Galla Tennis Club Jumpers / Hoodies for sale. The Jumpers cost $35 each, are available in several Sizes and are available in Blue or Red.

They are provided through, so in order for our Jumpers to be created, 20 people need to agree to purchase them.

The Jumpers are only available for purchase for the next 7 days, so you need to get in quick.

The Jumpers are available at:



Pennant Finals Next Week

Congratulations to the Club’s Pennant Team who have advanced to the Pennant Finals Round next week. The Team finished on top of the ladder after the regular season and will play in a Home Final next Sunday afternoon at 12:30pm against Eaglemont.

The Pennant Semi Final is likely to use all three Courts next Sunday, which means that the will likely not be any Court available for Members to use.

The Committee wishes the Team luck next week.

NSNTA Spring 2014 Fixtures now available

The Fixtures for the Spring 2014 NSNTA Competition are now available on the NSNTA Web Site ( .

The Season commences over the next two weeks on the following Dates:

Ladies – Tuesday 5th of August

Mixed – Wednesday 13th of August

Mens – Thursday 7th of August

The Committee wishes all teams luck for the upcoming Season.

NSJTA Autumn 2014 Grand Final Results

Congratulations to the C Special 4 Unisex team who won their Grand Final recently.  The Team was the same as the recent Semi Final win, consisting of Callum Brown, Campbell Goring, Matthew Pesavento, Jared Gaylor, Nikola Savic and Adele Adam defeated Buckley Park at West Brunswick.

The Committee congratulations all of our Junior Teams for a great season, and we look forward to next season which starts in late July.