Doutta Galla Club Championships 2019

Tournament Information

Matches to commence from Monday 30th of September for a round robin format until Sunday 10th November.

Semi Finals to commence from Monday 11th November until Friday 24th November.

Grand Finals for non singles events from Saturday 25th November until Saturday 7th December.

Grand Finals for all Singles Events will be played on Saturday 7th December and presentations will be held at the Club's Christmas Party that evening.

Match time and date are to be organised between the players, prior to the commencement of the next phase.

Matches may be booked in using the Club's Book a Court System.

Grand Finals cannot be postponed.

Doubles Events - if you require a partner please write "Your name" and "Partner required" and we will try to find you a partner.

Only Current Financial Members can enter. Juniors that play in a Combined Team that are not Members may participate in the Club Championships.

Entries Close Sunday 22nd September 2019

Round Robin Format

The first round of the tournament is to be in a round robin format. Each player in the draw is to play each other player in the draw. The scheduling of matches is to be arranged between each opponent within the draw. For contact information for a Player please contact the Club and this will be provided.

All round robin matches are one set of first to 8 games with a tie break at 7 all.

Advancing to the Semi Finals will be determined by the number of games won in your event, with player with the highest number of games advancing. 

Semi Final and Final Format

To be advised closer to the date


All fees need to be paid to the Club by either Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or by placing money in the box in the Club House.

If paying by EFT please put your name and Club Champs or CC in the Reference field.

If paying in the Club please ensure you name is written on the envelope clearly and include Club Champs.

Each fee is payable for each event you are entered in.

The following fees are for the 2019 Club Championships:

  • Adults Singles Events - $10 per player per event.
  • Adults Doubles Events - $20 per pair per event.
  • Junior Singles Events - $5 per player per event.
  • Junior Singles Events - $10 per pair per event.


The following events will be held, depending on the number of entries:

  • Mens Open Singles (All ages)
  • Ladies Open Singles (All ages)
  • Mens Doubles (Handicaps apply, all ages)
  • Ladies Doubles (Handicaps apply, all ages)
  • Mixed Doubles (Handicaps apply, all ages)
  • Junior Boys Singles
  • Junior Girls Singles
  • Junior Boys Doubles
  • Junior Girls Doubles
  • Mixed Junior Doubles
  • Veteran Doubles (45+)

Formats may be split up into A/B grades if there are enough participants.

Please note that the Committee may make changes to formats to suit the number of patricipants.

Cost and Format

Club Supplies Tennis Balls

Open Singles Events

Best of 3 Sets, tiebreak at 6 all.

Seniors - $10 per player. Juniors - $5 per player.

Junior Singles Events

Pro Set - First to 8, tiebrak at 7 all.

Seniors Doubles Events

First to 8 games, 7 all tiebreak. Handicap applies in tiebreak.

Juniors Doubles Events

Format to be advised.

Doubles: Seniors - $10 per pair and Juniors - $6 per pair.

Referees and Information

  • Warren Peters - 0417 138 816
  • Aaron Sharpe - 0407 885 012
  • Michael Mann - 0413 322 834